Fundenhall, Norfolk, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atkins, Jeremiah  1805Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2557
2 Barton, Madeline  7 Jun 1869Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1559
3 Battleday, Mary Elizabeth  Sep 1876Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1887
4 Beckett, Maurice Frederick  2 Apr 1900Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I621
5 Beeton, John  1785Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1798
6 Browne, Elizabeth  1854Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1862
7 Copeman, Elvina Eliza  6 May 1876Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I3107
8 Daines, Albert Edward  Abt 1901Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I3105
9 Daines, Alice  22 Feb 1896Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1345
10 Daines, Bessie  1890Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1346
11 Daines, Mabel  Abt 1898Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I3108
12 Davy, James  1811Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I900
13 Duffield, Ethel Maria  Abt 1909Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I3245
14 Goodrum, Ephram  1791Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1625
15 Goodrum, George  1803Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I962
16 Goodrum, George  8 Jun 1823Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2204
17 Goodrum, George  29 May 1855Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2207
18 Goodrum, Georgiana  Dec 1852Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2871
19 Goodrum, Hannah  1861Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2209
20 Goodrum, Mary  28 Jul 1863Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2210
21 Goodrum, Samuel  1858Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2208
22 Goodrum, Sarah  1850Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2206
23 Goodrum, Thomas Ernest  Dec 1887Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I634
24 Gray, Fanny  1842Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2781
25 Gray, George  1857Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1500
26 Hammond, Edith  23 Nov 1891Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I702
27 Hammond, Minnie Ross  28 May 1894Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I703
28 Hill, John  1861Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1169
29 Hill, Louisa  1859Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1168
30 Howes, Agnes  1840Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1566
31 Johnson, Emma  1869Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1827
32 Johnson, George William  1866Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2165
33 Johnson, John  1841Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1462
34 Lock, William  Abt 1848Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I3371
35 Long, John  1850Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1739
36 Moore, Bertha  1863Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I620
37 Moore, Frederick C  1887Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1822
38 Moore, Mary Ann  1889Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1823
39 Moore, Reginald George  18 Aug 1900Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I198
40 Moore, Sarah Maria  Jul 1856Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2125
41 Moore, Thomas C  1890Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1824
42 Rattee, Daniel  1791Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I3079
43 Rattee, Daniel Elmer  1832Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1565
44 Rattee, Elizabeth  1830Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I3081
45 Roberts, Clare  23 May 1887Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1506
46 Roberts, Elisha  1842Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2780
47 Roberts, William  5 Jul 1885Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I178
48 Smith, Dora Mildred  3 Dec 1897Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1147
49 Smith, Edith Maud S  21 Aug 1890Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I345
50 Smith, Frances  Abt 1901Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I3220

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Beckett, Maurice Frederick  1 Jul 1900Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I621
2 Goodrum, George  14 Feb 1801Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I962
3 Goodrum, Mary  31 Jan 1864Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2210
4 Hammond, Edith  14 Aug 1892Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I702
5 Hammond, Minnie Ross  1 Aug 1894Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I703


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Beckett, Maurice Frederick  8 Dec 1918Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I621
2 George, Edward  8 Jan 1884Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I828
3 Green, Sarah Ann  13 May 1941Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I769
4 Rattee, Daniel Edward  12 Jan 1939Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1567
5 Rattee, Lucy Howes  2 Nov 1943Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1571
6 Smith, Henry Walter  30 Oct 1944Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I339
7 Tyrrel, James  1759Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I4026


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Barton, Gerrard  4 Dec 1889Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I1557
2 Beckett, Maurice Frederick  8 Dec 1918Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I621
3 Blazer, Susan  25 Jul 1746Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I2823
4 Field, Thomas Barnett  24 Dec 1910Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I3397
5 Green, Sarah Ann  13 May 1941Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I769
6 Roberts, William  24 Jun 1912Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I178
7 Smith, Henry Walter  1944Fundenhall, Norfolk, England I339


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Abbs / Artess  12 Oct 1802Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F1293
2 Beckett / Moore  23 Dec 1897Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F316
3 Beeton / Wurr  1 Jul 1811Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F1062
4 Feltham / Witton  18 Jul 1831Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F1357
5 Goodrum / Cooper  27 Oct 1814Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F866
6 Lock / Goodrum  19 Jul 1871Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F1931
7 Pearson / Yell  23 Dec 1834Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F1511
8 Roberts / Gray  24 Dec 1872Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F1506
9 Rushmore / Fisher  4 Jun 1927Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F194
10 Squires / Yell  12 Jan 1835Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F1483
11 Stone / Royall  14 Dec 1825Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F1365
12 Yallop / Battleday  9 Oct 1900Fundenhall, Norfolk, England F1093

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