Tasburgh, Norfolk, England


Latitude: 52.5151, Longitude: 1.2526


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alliban, Mary Ellen  Dec 1853Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1059
2 Atkins, Eliza Sophia  26 Nov 1874Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1871
3 Atkins, Zillah  Abt 1872Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3347
4 Bales, Charles  14 Mar 1830Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2292
5 Barrett, Mary Ann  1858Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2894
6 Barrett, Robert  1855Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I499
7 Barrett, Sophia Maria  Mar 1871Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1867
8 Baxter, Samuel  Abt 1814Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2533
9 Carpenter, Elizabeth  1829Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1179
10 Cushion, Dennis  15 May 1881Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2785
11 Cushion, James Geoffrey  1853Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3040
12 Cushion, John Jeffery  1879Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3038
13 Davy, Charles  1847Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1678
14 Davy, Sarah  1844Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1989
15 Dickerson, Dennis George  Jun 1867Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3413
16 Dickerson, Edith Elizabeth  Jun 1869Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2149
17 Dickerson, Fitz Henry  15 Jun 1864Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2147
18 Duffield, Harry Thomas Shrewsbury  2 Oct 1904Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1053
19 Feake, Lucy  1819Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1731
20 Feek, Edward  27 Mar 1848Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3254
21 Fordham, Elizabeth  1 Aug 1884Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4138
22 Francis, Maria  1824Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I743
23 George, Alfred  1860Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1212
24 George, James  1861Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1213
25 Girling, Maria  Abt 1790Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1937
26 Guns, Edward  Abt 1735Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4096
27 Guns, John  Abt 1739Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4095
28 Guns, Mary  Abt 1745Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4094
29 Guns, Susannah  Abt 1734Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4097
30 Harvey, Elizabeth  1834Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2146
31 Hazell, Iris Alberta  15 Jan 1916Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4148
32 Hazell, Phyllis Maud  16 Jan 1914Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4151
33 Hunt, Ephraim  1868Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1432
34 Hunt, Susan  1822Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2579
35 Moore, Elizabeth  1796Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2275
36 Mutimer, George Southgate  1821Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1180
37 Pottle, William  1847Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1732
38 Quantrill, Walter James  26 Mar 1896Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I164
39 Revell, Mary Ann  1835Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1103
40 Riches, Herbert George  21 Aug 1880Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3423
41 Risby, Alice Elizabeth  5 Feb 1880Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I27
42 Rix, Elizabeth  3 Dec 1826Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I888
43 Rix, Robert  1764Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3070
44 Smith, John  1830Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3139
45 Spratt, George  1812Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2401
46 Stone, James  Abt 1780Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I921
47 Sutton, Helen  Dec 1885Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1904
48 Whitham, Frederick William  3 Apr 1882Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I750
49 Whitham, George  28 Dec 1851Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I681
50 Whitham, George Isaac  31 Oct 1879Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I678

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Cushion, Victor Dennis  25 Apr 1915Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2784
2 Goodwin, William  19 May 1663Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3884
3 Guns, Mary  21 Apr 1745Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4094
4 Hazell, Iris Alberta  6 Jul 1916Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4148
5 Hazell, Phyllis Maud  12 Jul 1914Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4151
6 Mattheis, John  1 Jan 1686Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3960
7 Risby, Alice Elizabeth  6 Jun 1880Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I27
8 Squires, Robert  7 Nov 1813Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2747


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, Emily Harriett  26 May 1899Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3351
2 Alliban, Mary Ellen  10 Apr 1874Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1059
3 Baker, Hannah  5 Jul 1860Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2530
4 Baxter, Samuel  18 Feb 1866Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2533
5 Dickerson, Dennis George  24 Mar 1900Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3413
6 Dickerson, George  14 Apr 1923Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2145
7 Fordham, George Frederick  15 Nov 1940Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4136
8 Guns, Edward  1776Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4057
9 Guns, Mary  1734Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4108
10 Harvey, Elizabeth  23 Jun 1902Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2146
11 Marshall, Elizabeth  23 Mar 1946Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4137
12 Matthews, Herbert Arthur  30 Nov 1899Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I1872
13 Woolnough, Emma May  25 May 1916Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4150


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, Emily Harriett  26 May 1899Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3351
2 Baker, Hannah  5 Jul 1860Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2530
3 Baxter, Samuel  18 Feb 1866Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2533
4 Buck, Susan  28 Mar 1833Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I2216
5 Dickerson, Dennis George  24 Mar 1900Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3413
6 Hart, Mary  9 Jun 1822Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3172
7 Hart, Sarah  20 Apr 1823Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3173
8 Musket, Sarah  15 Jul 1810Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3539
9 Nixon, Susan  4 Jan 1791Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I4058
10 Sutton, Henry  28 Jan 1821Tasburgh, Norfolk, England I3098


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Bales / Warren  29 Jul 1829Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1215
2 Bassingthwaighte / Girling  18 Oct 1816Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1131
3 Dale / Atkins  27 Oct 1891Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1908
4 Dickerson / Harvey  1863Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1237
5 Fish / Barrett  4 Apr 1877Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1638
6 Fordham / Marshall  1 Nov 1883Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F2220
7 George / Jermy  25 Dec 1860Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F462
8 Goodrum / Fulcher  10 Apr 1810Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1124
9 Hardingham / Dale  15 Jun 1907Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1403
10 Lamon / Sewell  27 Aug 1732Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F2207
11 Mildred / Hart  13 May 1779Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1786
12 Points / Buck  17 Nov 1822Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1253
13 Shearing / Scrancher  Dec 1880Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F251
14 Spratt / Moore  19 Nov 1811Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1306
15 Warne / Dickerson  30 Apr 1894Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1911
16 Wright / Norman  15 Dec 1817Tasburgh, Norfolk, England F1292

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