Walks in the country around Hapton

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Hapton Common Walk

Parking is available at Hapton Common to start this walk (for two cars).

Follow the signs across the common, through a small wooded area and up some steps to field boundary.

Head for the second telegraph pole, up from the bottom of the field, which is where two footpaths converge. Turn left and head up the field towards Bayes Lane.

Turn left on Bayes Lane, then right across the field opposite – the footpath follows the line of a hedge down this field. At the bottom of this field the sty is to the left; climb over this and turn immediately right.

Continue across the field (there may be cows!) and along the track to Chequers Hill. Turn left and continue along Chequers Hill, crossing over the River Tas – it’s worth stopping to look over the white bridge – and under the railway bridge.

Turn immediately left along the bridleway and follow this along, over another sty and into field (there may be more cows) and, after about 200 yards, head over towards the river (this avoids a ditch running through the field).

After about an hour of your walk, and turning a bend in the river you will come to the only tree on your side. This is believed to be the site of Joe’s Hole, a local legend that is still told to children today!

Walking further along the river, you will see a low brick wall on the opposite bank; if you pause here for a while you might be treated to the sight of a kingfisher flitting past.

The walk comes out alongside Tharston Mill. Turn left and follow the road along, back into Hapton – it’s quite bendy, so be careful. At the bottom of Cow Lane (to your right) is a small green with the village sign. A footpath runs up the back of the properties on Cow Lane and next to the horse’s field. Follow this up to Redwings’ drive and turn left.

Continue along, pausing to visit St Margaret’s Church, where the grave of Joseph Lee Green (he of Joe’s Hole fame) can be seen just inside the main gate.

Continuing along Norwich Road, you will come to the Meeting House Meadow on your left, where you can sit on the bench, donated by Hapton History Group, at 1 hour 45 minutes, and admire the view!

Continue along Norwich Road and down Holly Lane. At the junction turn right and continue along Fundenhall Road, past the disused railway line and back to Hapton Common.

Total time = approx. 2 hours
Total distance = approx. 3.5 miles 

Oliver Cromwell and Hapton

Did Oliver come to stay, and what’s Beadle about?

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Walks in the country around Hapton

Beautiful, peaceful walks around Hapton

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