Seasonal memoirs of a Hapton Schoolgirl (Sept. '68 - July '74)

Written by Sally Dunthorne

Spring & Summer

The alphabet was one of the first things I was taught. Then reading and writing. We all read to the teachers. There were no classroom assistants then. We had a spelling test every week. We read Janet and John books.

We all were taught our 2x tables, all the way up to the 12x tables. There were no such things as calculators in schools. The tables have always held me in good stead for working out maths, such as shopping.

In the spring we went on nature walks looking out for wild flowers. We also did our cycling training to get a certificate of road safety. They still do the cycling training at Hapton School.

Spring also saw us doing country dancing. We practised the country dancing in the school rooms. We learned various dances. When we had learned them well enough we went to Long Stratton School. At Long Stratton School many different schools got together to dance.

We also did a film once a year of all the school children.

Summer sports day was very busy. We had the sack race, egg & spoon race, 3-legged race, long jump, triple jump and 100 metres. We also play games like football - I was in goal. The boys and girls played together.

In the summer term of our final year we took our 11 Plus. This was basic English and Maths questions. I passed my 11 Plus and went on to Diss Grammar School.

Autumn & Winter

At this time of year the school milk bottles were always frozen on the step. The teacher used to bring them in and heat them round the fire. Warm milk for break time. We still played outside running round to keep ourselves warm in thick coats, scarves and gloves.

We prepared for the Christmas shows in Winter term.Yes, we did often do the Nativity. One year I played the innkeeper but we also did other shows. One year I was the Duchess in Alice in Wonderland. I still remember the long burgundy dress I wore and song I had to learn. Another year we did the Pied Piper of Hamlin. I played the Pied Piper. I wore tights of yellow and red and a matching outfit. These shows all went down well.

At Christmas time we all chose a present . One year I wanted a Ladybird book of stars and their legends. I still have the book which I use to look at the stars at night.

Mrs Harvey and Mrs Flowers, the junior and infant school teachers, used to organize the Christmas party. We all had a lovely party in the school rooms. We had jelly, ice cream, sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps and Coke. Someone dressed up as Santa to hand the presents out. We left school that term looking forward to the Joys of Christmas.

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