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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abbs, Henry  Dec 1850Depwade Dist I523
2 Abbs, Michael  Jun 1847Depwade Dist I522
3 Allen, Florence Dorothy  13 Oct 1929Depwade Dist I304
4 Alliban, Alfred  Sep 1855Depwade Dist I1673
5 Anscomb, Charles Sidney  5 Aug 1916Depwade Dist I190
6 Arnold, Frederick Arthur  2 Dec 1889Depwade Dist I266
7 Ashford, Albert MIchael  11 Oct 1915Depwade Dist I37
8 Barrett, Walter  Jun 1889Depwade Dist I911
9 Batley, Ellen  Mar 1862Depwade Dist I3462
10 Bunn, Margaret Florence  15 Oct 1915Depwade Dist I3204
11 Calver, Mabel Lily  1903Depwade Dist I862
12 Chatten, Gwendoline Dorothy  28 Oct 1914Depwade Dist I378
13 Claxton, Fanny Tibenham  Jun 1852Depwade Dist I1724
14 Clift, Amos William  13 Oct 1889Depwade Dist I235
15 Cook, Dorothy Ellen I  15 Dec 1919Depwade Dist I4
16 Cook, Michael Maurice  29 Sep 1949Depwade Dist I22
17 Cook, Mildred Kathleen  Jun 1927Depwade Dist I5
18 Cook, Raymond H  Mar 1929Depwade Dist I6
19 Cushion, Victor Dennis  18 Aug 1913Depwade Dist I2784
20 Drake, Frederick James  5 Feb 1918Depwade Dist I248
21 Drake, Reginald Victor  Mar 1920Depwade Dist I3154
22 Dunthorne, Barbara B  Mar 1913Depwade Dist I310
23 Falgate, Beatrice Ann  Jun 1927Depwade Dist I1491
24 Feavearyear, Charles Leslie  18 Nov 1907Depwade Dist I456
25 Ford, Alan Maynard  12 Jun 1928Depwade Dist I2311
26 Frost, Mary  12 Apr 1873Depwade Dist I958
27 Fulcher, John  Sep 1847Depwade Dist I1792
28 George, Dennis  Dec 1860Depwade Dist I1238
29 George, Hannah  Mar 1862Depwade Dist I1239
30 Goate, Daisy M  1920Depwade Dist I843
31 Goate, Joan E  1921Depwade Dist I844
32 Goodrum, Alfred Levi  2 Apr 1916Depwade Dist I405
33 Goose, Horace  Dec 1855Depwade Dist I1661
34 Green, Walter Henry  Mar 1888Depwade Dist I913
35 Grint, Robert  Dec 1853Depwade Dist I1707
36 Groom, George E  1923Depwade Dist I2924
37 Groom, Ivy  1922Depwade Dist I2926
38 Groom, Kathleen  1921Depwade Dist I2925
39 Hammond, Freda Grace  31 Dec 1911Depwade Dist I2116
40 Hill, Eliza  Jun 1858Depwade Dist I2440
41 Holmes, Sidney Frank  Sep 1912Depwade Dist I265
42 Howell, Caroline Lydia  Oct 1896Depwade Dist I987
43 Howlett, Ernest Robert  Sep 1889Depwade Dist I912
44 Howlett, James  Dec 1868Depwade Dist I2437
45 Hurry, Ellen E  Mar 1917Depwade Dist I31
46 Hurry, Ernest Richard  Mar 1918Depwade Dist I25
47 Hurry, Hilda B  Mar 1917Depwade Dist I32
48 Hurry, Joyce Elizabeth  Dec 1919Depwade Dist I34
49 Hurry, Lilian H  2 Apr 1923Depwade Dist I35
50 Hurry, Peter Ernest N  25 Dec 1926Depwade Dist I36

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Abbs, Eliza Rachel  Jun 1930Depwade Dist I1323
2 Abbs, James  Sep 1868Depwade Dist I834
3 Abbs, Leonard  Jun 1863Depwade Dist I1607
4 Alborough, George  1843Depwade Dist I1990
5 Alliban, Alfred  Sep 1856Depwade Dist I1673
6 Alliban, Alfred Thomas  Dec 1857Depwade Dist I1647
7 Alliban, Edward  Sep 1946Depwade Dist I890
8 Arnold, Frederick Arthur  Dec 1961Depwade Dist I266
9 Arnold, John Roger  Sep 1946Depwade Dist I1493
10 Ashfield, Carmella Maude  Dec 1977Depwade Dist I71
11 Ashford, Albert MIchael  Feb 1989Depwade Dist I37
12 Atkins, Eliza Sophia  Dec 1971Depwade Dist I1871
13 Atkins, Harriett  Jun 1907Depwade Dist I1244
14 Atkins, Jeremiah  Apr 1881Depwade Dist I2557
15 Austin, John  Mar 1948Depwade Dist I201
16 Bailes, Henry  Oct 1841Depwade Dist I2423
17 Baker, Frederick  Dec 1863Depwade Dist I1605
18 Baker, Louisa  Jul 1857Depwade Dist I882
19 Baker, Lucy Ann Bales  Mar 1855Depwade Dist I1693
20 Baldry, Lydia  Mar 1876Depwade Dist I2141
21 Bales, Robert  Jan 1855Depwade Dist I2086
22 Barham, Mary  9 Jul 1950Depwade Dist I376
23 Barrett, Kate  Jan 1954Depwade Dist I502
24 Barrett, Robert  Jun 1923Depwade Dist I499
25 Barrett, William  Oct 1894Depwade Dist I1287
26 Bassingthwaighte, Deborah  Dec 1869Depwade Dist I2221
27 Beckett, William  Apr 1950Depwade Dist I619
28 Bird, William Ernest  Sep 1956Depwade Dist I2117
29 Bishop, Mary Ellen  Jul 1959Depwade Dist I724
30 Blackwood, Alice Edith  Dec 1900Depwade Dist I1130
31 Blake, Mary Ann  Jul 1850Depwade Dist I2752
32 Bloom, Jane  Mar 1865Depwade Dist I2279
33 Bobby, James  Dec 1897Depwade Dist I631
34 Bond, Annie Maria  Sep 1950Depwade Dist I3005
35 Bowell, William  Sep 1934Depwade Dist I1682
36 Bowman, Lambert Fitt  Dec 1908Depwade Dist I622
37 Boyce, Minnie  Jan 1925Depwade Dist I3352
38 Brinkley, Mary  15 Nov 1883Depwade Dist I526
39 Brookes, Clara  Jun 1915Depwade Dist I1209
40 Brookes, Edith Mary  Jul 1886Depwade Dist I3303
41 Brookes, Edward W G  Mar 1956Depwade Dist I2467
42 Brooks, John Edward  Oct 1893Depwade Dist I2915
43 Brown, Harriet  Apr 1885Depwade Dist I1377
44 Brown, James  Jan 1892Depwade Dist I1378
45 Brown, Mary  Jan 1866Depwade Dist I1263
46 Brown, Samuel William  Dec 1976Depwade Dist I218
47 Bullen, Mary Elizabeth  18 Nov 1911Depwade Dist I804
48 Bunn, Margaret Florence  Jan 1993Depwade Dist I3204
49 Burgess, Caroline  Jan 1898Depwade Dist I2686
50 Calver, Thomas Charles  Jun 1940Depwade Dist I627

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Goose, John  Dec 1913Depwade Dist I1658


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Alderton / Osbourne  Jan 1852Depwade Dist F2028
2 Alexander / Banham  Mar 1901Depwade Dist F1392
3 Alexander / Rowland  Dec 1864Depwade Dist F841
4 Arnold / Chilvers  Oct 1906Depwade Dist F819
5 Arnold / Smith  Oct 1884Depwade Dist F818
6 Ashford / Hurry  Dec 1943Depwade Dist F8
7 Barnes / Seaman  Dec 1849Depwade Dist F456
8 Barnes / Ward  Jun 1896Depwade Dist F174
9 Barrett / Edwards  Sep 1924Depwade Dist F1647
10 Barrett / Howlett  Dec 1878Depwade Dist F1769
11 Barrett / Scrancher  Jun 1881Depwade Dist F246
12 Bond / Dye  Apr 1922Depwade Dist F2217
13 Botwright / George  Oct 1896Depwade Dist F1074
14 Brookes / Frost  Jun 1919Depwade Dist F1388
15 Brown / Hales  Sep 1886Depwade Dist F792
16 Caley / Alborough  Mar 1858Depwade Dist F864
17 Calver / Bobby  Mar 1898Depwade Dist F319
18 Chatten / Garrod  Oct 1925Depwade Dist F1886
19 Chatten / Mickleburgh  Jul 1926Depwade Dist F1884
20 Coleman / Elliss  Dec 1881Depwade Dist F1806
21 Cook / Betts  Jun 1888Depwade Dist F2
22 Cook / Hewett  Dec 1865Depwade Dist F4
23 Cushion / Nudds  Jan 1877Depwade Dist F1723
24 Daines / Copeman  Dec 1891Depwade Dist F782
25 Daines / Hales  Oct 1843Depwade Dist F787
26 Dale / Potter  Dec 1916Depwade Dist F329
27 Davison / Aldridge  Sep 1901Depwade Dist F1968
28 Davy / Culling  Dec 1846Depwade Dist F459
29 Devereux / Green  Jun 1926Depwade Dist F346
30 Dix / Selby  Dec 1841Depwade Dist F306
31 Drake / Davy  Dec 1877Depwade Dist F879
32 Drake / Long  Dec 1911Depwade Dist F136
33 Drake / Mayhew  Sep 1878Depwade Dist F790
34 Dunthorne / Cannell  Jun 1889Depwade Dist F292
35 Dunthorne / Dunthorn  Sep 1919Depwade Dist F221
36 Dunthorne / Eastaugh  Jun 1909Depwade Dist F168
37 Durrent / Alborough  Dec 1870Depwade Dist F834
38 Ellis / Gray  Apr 1928Depwade Dist F2004
39 Ellis / Seaman  Jun 1958Depwade Dist F2003
40 Feavearyear / Harper  Mar 1933Depwade Dist F231
41 Feek / Bennett  Sep 1842Depwade Dist F769
42 Feek / Gowing  Dec 1879Depwade Dist F1664
43 Feek / Ludkin  Mar 1883Depwade Dist F1699
44 Fryer / Calver  Mar 1921Depwade Dist F321
45 Futter / Dye  Jun 1858Depwade Dist F476
46 George / Atkins  Jun 1888Depwade Dist F645
47 Goate / Seaman  Oct 1894Depwade Dist F1662
48 Goodrum / Atkins  Dec 1846Depwade Dist F1250
49 Goodrum / Calver  Mar 1938Depwade Dist F322
50 Goodrum / Copeman  Dec 1897Depwade Dist F1232

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