A Norfolk village that's seen more than a thousand years of history

A Brief History of Time

The village of Habetuna (derived from 'Habba' and 'tun' - meaning Habba's enclosure or farmstead), in the hundred of Depwade in the county of Norfolk, is listed in The Doomsday Book of 1086. There were 33 households noted, making it one of the largest 40% of settlements at the time.

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The Hapton History Group came together in 2017 to ensure that the life & experience of the people is retained and that the history of the village is retained - along with those who have lived and worked here.

The people of Hapton are what makes the history of the village. There are still a few people who have a long-standing history in the village, while others have moved on but maintain a connection to their Hapton roots. Our aim is to keep all their stories alive.

We meet in the King's Head, Ashwellthorpe on the first Saturday of February, April, June, August, October & December for a catch up and a reminisce. All are welcome to come along and join us.

All known living individuals are excluded;
For reasons of sensitivity, certain deceased individuals have also been excluded.

If you find anything is incorrect, or data is missing, please let us know via the 'Contact Us' link.

Famous Visitors

Oliver Cromwell
Local legend has it Oliver Cromwell stayed in Hapton during the Civil War. The story had been passed around by word of mouth, one current resident remembers the shopkeeper having removed a plaque from the local stables citing the fact. But how to prove a local legend?



Interesting Stories About Our People

Over the centuries there have been some interesting people and events in Hapton; these are just a few of them

Some More Stories from Hapton

Joan Sculfor

Joan was involved in all aspects of village life, having married Russell in 1969.

Seasonal memoirs of a Hapton Schoolgirl (Sept. '68 - July '74)

What was life like throughout the year at Hapton School?

Hapton & Forncett Newsletter

Back in the '90s Hapton and Forncett villages published a quarterly newsletter. Details of some of what was inlcuded can be found here

Benjamin Gooch

The life of one of the founders of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital

Farming at Chapel/Hillside Farm, Hapton – past and present by Nancy Dunthorne

"My story begins with my great-grandfather, Norton Dunthorne (1845 – 1911), who farmed in North Tuddenham, Norfolk. According to lease records he appears to have arrived in Hapton in 1885 and rented farms at Hapton and Ashwellthorpe in Norfolk. The farm in Hapton (Hillside Farm) was then known as Chapel Farm and had previously been occupied by Daniel Elmer Rattee. After my great grandfather's death in 1911 my grandfather, Henry Norton Dunthorne (1883 – 1960), leased Chapel Farm. According to my father, Gerard Keith Dunthorne (1927 – 2010), the house and barn were built in 1534 by Sir Knyvett of Ashwellthorpe Hall.

My grandfather was known as ”Harry” and his first wife, Ethel May (Eastaugh), died in 1923 following childbirth. She produced three daughters – Madge (1910) Sybil (1911) & Barbara (1913) and a son Norton (1923).

Harry later married my grandmother, Queenie Gladys (Everatt) and my father, Gerard “Keith” Dunthorne was born in 1927.


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